Hi, I'm a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator creating artwork for Greetings cards and wrap, stationery, graphics, homewares, textiles and anything you can get a pattern on!

If you are interested in co-working together or licensing any of my designs please get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.

I work from my home in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside juggling life with two young children and being lucky to be able to create and draw designs everyday.

I have always drawn and painted for along as I can remember. I remember my mum telling me I was drawing the Munch Bunch before starting school. I like to use a variety of processes from hand drawing with pencils and ink which I scan and colour up digitally, draw straight onto my computer or just use paints and inks beautifully. 


I love to get out with my camera or even just snap away on my phone to capture moments or objects to inspire me, like a digital sketchbook.

Growing up in Kent luckily surrounded with not only with city and country life but the seaside too drawing inspiration from all of these. I followed my creative heart to art college specialising in Fine Art in my second year. I then graduated with my  degree in Surface Pattern and Printed Textiles in 2000 in London.

I landed my first job in a large greetings company in Hertfordshire - where I worked across a wide variety of projects over 10 years, leaving as a Senior Designer.  Working on all products in that time, including a variety jobs following the whole creative process- from trends to briefing artists, design to print preparation. I self taught the digital design side of my work in those early years which I continue to develop and use daily.

Since going freelance in 2010 I have worked with several companies including a Christmas decoration company for several years designing their entire cracker and wrap ranges, and continue to work with a big American greetings company, a manufacturer in China and a design agency to mention a few.

Over the past 19 years my designs have been used across a variety of products in all high street stores and supermarkets. Barnado's, BHS, Cost Co USA, Harrods, Homebase, Next, Noel Tatt, Phoenix Trading, Target, Tescos, Sainburys, Walmart, WHS are just some - reaching worldwide clients in America, Australia and Europe. Regularly working closely with companies not only in the UK but in America and China.

As well as freelancing, I have been collaborating with The Paintbox agency creating artworks for their Welsh range of cards and portfolio to buy or license.

©  All copyright belongs to me -  Anna Roberts-Knight

I'm constantly working on new designs for clients that are for future publication,

which means I can't always show my current projects.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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Anna Roberts-Knight